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Sonic Creed Part-9
A Birthday Party at the Beach

September 13, Twelve Days Later:

It's been a long time since Robotasis has shown himself to the Freedom Fighters. Sonic did more damage than he thought he did, apparently. He hasn't done very much since the incident, as a matter of fact, he hasn't done anything. He's been sleeping mainly, and hanging out with Zaku or Sally when they aren't busy. He finds himself thinking of vacation.

Sonic: "Yeah...that would be nice..."

He lays in a field of flowers in the meadow as he stares up at the sky and day dreams of having fun. While he had his mind wandering, a person walks through the forest in his direction. They are almost through when Sonic finally notices them. He sits up and looks in their direction. Sally emerges from the trees and looks toward Sonic with a big smile. He smiles back and then waves to her. She puts a bag on the ground and then begins to run at Sonic. He stands up and smiles even wider, he opens his arms at the last second in order to catch her. What he didn't anticipate was that she was moving so fast that she was able to knock him over. When they hit the ground, Sally begins to push herself off of the laughing hedgehog while dandelion seeds fly into the air from their raucous. She looks down at him and smiles again while she too laughs. She raises her right hand to her head and fixes her slightly frizzed hair.

Sonic: "So, you finished your work early or something?"

Sally: "Who said I have to finish my work before I get to hang out with you Sonic?"

Sonic: "Uh, you did!"

Sally: "Well, I am Princess of Mobious, I think I have the right to skip chores for one day."

Sonic: "Excuse me my Princess, I did not mean to intrude on your infinitely majestic Royalty."

They laugh with each other for a little, and then Sally stands up off of Sonic and begins to lead him back to the bag. While they make their way to their destination, he says...

Sonic: "So, what's in the bag?"

She leans down and picks it up.

Sally: "Lunch."

Sonic smiles and then helps Sally set up a picnic blanket so they can eat.  He sits down and stretches an arm out inviting her to sit with him, she grabs his hand and sits by his side. When she opens up the basket, Sonic's eyes open dramatically, he then says...

Sonic: "Chili Dogs!"

Sally: "Your favorite, I made em just the way you like them."

Sonic gobbles one down and says with a full mouth...

Sonic: "You know Sall, for a princess, you sure can cook!"

Sally blushes but responds by saying...

Sally: "What, so princess's don't know how to cook!?"

Sonic: "No, you'd figure they wouldn't need to cause their butlers and stuff."

Sally smiles sideways at Sonic and he continues to say...

Sonic: "Okay okay, so you haven't had a butler around every day of your life."

Sally: "Well, the spots open..."

Sonic: "What are you trying to say?"

Sally: "Why don't you cater to my every will for the rest of your natural life."

Sonic: "Nah, pass."

They smile and Sonic suddenly remembers something important. He turns to her and says...

Sonic: "Hey Sall, what's today?"

Sally: "September 13."

Sonic smiles and realizes why she took the day off, there are only two days in the year she will willingly ditch work and those days are Christmas and her birthday. He stands up and bows in a butler's manner.

Sonic: "I shall be taking your orders for the rest of the day, my lady."

Sally: "Oh, *giggle* might I inquire why?"

Sonic: "My Lady!  Tis' your birthday, you deserve all!"

Sally laughs out loud and uses Sonic's hand as a way to stand.  She bows slightly in gratitude and says...

Sally: "Do you want to know what I want then?"

Sonic: "Of course!"

Sally steps closer...

Sally: "What if it was something hard to get?"

Sonic: "Hard, are we talking about the same thing?"

Sally: "What's that supposed to mean, are you saying it is easy to get."

Sonic: "Yep."

Sally: "Oh really?"

Sonic: "Yep. Nothing's to difficult for a hog as handsome as this!"

Sally folds her arms.  

Sally: "Well, you'll have to earn this one."

Sonic: "I thought we were doing this for you."

Sally: "We are."

Sonic runs as fast as he can and avoids a tree branch as he begins to climb the side of the mountain he set to climb.  Sally stands at the bottom, gazing up at her minion as he is set off to get what she wanted.  He reaches the top and pulls a single leaf from the tree on the top of the small mount.  He slides down and hands it over to Sally.

Sally: "Well well, you did good."

Sonic: "There it is, one Kinko Leaf, as promised.  What do you need these for anyway?"

Sally: "Good for toniques, plus, I like watching you struggle."

Sonic: "Struggle? Did you see how fast I did that!?  I was past cool!!"

Sally: "Okay, don't over gratify yourself. You did good, I'll admit it."

Sonic: "So, do I receive what you say is so hard to obtain?"

She smiles and wraps her arms around his shoulders as their noses touch.

Sally: "You're lucky you're cute!"

Sally kisses Sonic and then returns to hugging him.

Sonic: "Told ya, too easy."

Sally: "Shut up..."

Sonic: "Hey, I just had an idea!"

Sally: "That's new."

Sonic pulls off of her a little and then says...

Sonic: "Sally, when's the last time you went to the beach?"

Sally: "Oh, wow, a few years, I never thought of it either..."

Sonic: "That's It!!!! We'll go to the beach!!!!"

Sally: "Wait, why!?"

Sonic: "Sally, it's your 17th birthday, you didn't get a sweet 16, so we'll give you a radical 17!"

Sally smiles slightly puzzled but flattered by Sonic, she then says...

Sally: "Is it gonna be the gang or just you and me?"

Sonic: "You choose, but it wouldn't be radical without the others."

Sally: "So your saying it wouldn't be a cool thing to do without them?"

Sonic: "Oh, it would be cool alright, just not as."

Sally: "It would be past cool, right?"

She sarcastically smiles...

Sonic: "That's right, so let's go tell the others."

Sally grabs his arm and says...

Sally: "Wait, Sonic, we can't leave today."

Sonic: "You're right, that's why we'll let everyone know they need to come on the weekend."

Sally smiles and Sonic leans in for a hug and then picks her up and runs her back to Knothole.  When they arrive, Sonic calls an assemble.  In only a matter of a half hour, all of knothole had arrived.  Sonic takes the stage and says...

Sonic: "Hello everyone, thanks for gathering on such short notice!  As some of you may know, it's someone very special's birthday today... come on up Sall!!"

He sticks his hand out as everyone gives Sally applause while she walks to the stage and goes under Sonic's arm. He holds her near him and says...

Sonic: "Now, as for her birthday, we will be going to the beach, and all of you are invited.  Those who don't want to come can stay behind and look over Knothole while the rest of us are gone."

Everyone cheers and Sonic smiles, then looks down at Sally who blushed at him.

Sonic: "Okay, okay, settle down real quick.  We'll be leaving this Friday, so those who need to pack, go home and take the rest of the day off for that."

The crowd goes eccentric with excitement and Sonic has to try and quiet them so he can say...

Sonic: "Those who know they're staying, please talk to Rotor about work duties for you."

Everyone starts to leave and Sally and Sonic walk down the stairs and join the others.  Lupe and Zaku stand side by side on one side of Sonic and Sally while Rotor, Antoine, and Bunnie stand on the other.

Lupe: "Are we really gonna do this?"

Sonic: "Of course we are. It'll be past cool!!!!"

Bunnie: "Sugar Hog, now just how long y'all think we'll be gone?"

Sally: "The weekend is all, right Sonic?"

Sonic: "I was planing on a week, but you are the birthday girl, so it's your choice."

Everyone looks at Sally.

Sally: "Fine, a week it is then, but we're not staying any longer than that!"

Antoine: "Oh, this is going to be a really fw'un week."

Rotor: "Hey, Sonic, I don't have to come, right?"

Sonic: "Yeah, but why don't you want to?"

Rotor: "Not a big fan of the ocean, anyway, I need to keep on working on the regenerater machine, and eventually we'll have to de-robotasize Uncle Chuck."

Sonic: "That's right, where is Uncle Chuck anyway?"

Rotor: "To the south, remember that he said he needed to see how the other robotasized complex's turned out after D-day."

Sonic: "It's been a long time, we need to regain contact with him."

Bunnie: "Well, aside from that point, sugar hog, how are we s'pposed to take the hole of Knothole to a beach?"

Sonic: "We can use the forest long front.  It's the fastest route anyway."

Sally: "It sounds like a plan then, we'll all meet in the auditorium in an hour to begin the preparation."

Sonic: "Wow, Sall, wait a sec.  You go to the auditorium right now."

Sally: "Sonic, I have to pack my things."

Sonic: "No you don't."

Sally: "What?"

Bunnie: "Don't worry Sally girl, I'll pack your fix-ens."

Sally: "That's nice Bunnie, but I would like to pack my own things."

Lupe: "Sonic, if we're leaving this Friday, why are we packing today, that's two days away?"

Sonic: "We need everyone to have time to pack their things and we're all gonna have to work really hard tomorrow to make sure that we leave Knothole in good condition."

Zaku stands in a silence that no one is use to.

Sonic: "Yo, Zaku, what's up?"

Zaku: "Ow, um, it's uh... well, to tell you the truth, I've never been to a beach before..."

Lupe: "WHAT!?  Oh, you're definitely coming!"

Lupe grabs onto Zaku's arm and hugs on.

Lupe: "Your never gonna want to leave, you'll see."

Zaku's face goes red and everyone stares at them awkwardly.  When Lupe realizes what she was doing she backs off and blushes a little.  Sonic changes the subject back by saying...

Sonic: "Okay, so we know what to do, right?  Then let's take care of it!"

Everyone splits off and the day, soon after, came to an end.  Sonic places his
last bits of things into his suitcase and closes it.  Zaku, parallel to him on the couch, is doing the same thing.  He breaks the silence by turning to see Sonic and saying...

Zaku: "What is the beach like?"

Sonic turns and looks at him and walks over, placing his right hand on Zaku's left shoulder.  

Sonic: "It's like a giant lake, but almost never ending."

Zaku: "That's it?"

Sonic: "No!  Their is so much more than that!  Waves, the size of buildings, trees, that are awesome!  And... aww, i just can't put it into words.  Its the best experience ever, you'll see."

Zaku: "You think so?"

Sonic: "Know so."

Zaku smiles and then nuggies Sonic on the head.  He fights back and pushes Zaku off of him and then tackles him over a table making a loud thump as they begin to laugh at each other.  Sonic stands first and helps Zaku finish packing his stuff.  The next morning was bright and fresh, everyone was already busy at work knowing that their was much to be done before their vacation.  Sonic, trying to work for once, helps Rotor put up the line on a tree that would help him get a new wind mill up for better power.  

Sonic: "Yo, Rote!  Why we got to do this so soon anyway?"

Rotor: "If we don't, Knothole could be out of power while we are away."

Sonic: "Why?"

Rotor: "Because I'm turning off the other mills because their aren't gonna be enough people here to monitor them on top of the other chores."

Sonic: "So, this will give them enough power to make it through the weak?"

Rotor: "For a year, Sonic."

Sonic: "Then why haven't we installed this yet?"

Rotor: "You haven't been around to help us do it!"

Sonic: "Oh... sorry 'bout that...?"

Rotor: "It's cool, now stop talking and help me get this up."

Sonic: "On it Rote!"

Sonic grabs the rope and awaits for Rotor to give him the signal to take off.  He does and Sonic Runs off, passing the tree that had the rope on it's branch as support.  The rope hisses as it quickly swings over the branch, slowly carving into the wood.  The mill picks up and rises quickly when the rope snaps.  The mill comes to a stop at an angle and barely holds it's balance.  Sonic runs back in fear to see that it is beginning to fall.  Rotor screams out...

Rotor: "Sonic, tie the rope back on, QUICK!!!!"

Sonic runs up the side of the tree and gets to the branch, grabbing the snapped end stuck on the tree and jumping off to land on the mill.  It starts to fall and he ties the rope off when he rockets off to the end of the pulley and begins to pull to regain the mills balance.  Lupe sees Sonic struggling and quickly grabs a part of the rope in order to help.  Rotor runs over and joins in, knowing that the state of the mill was at stake.  As they struggle, they make a lot of racket, between them shaking and the mill creaking, they created a symphony of racket.  Zaku and Bunnie, on the other side of Rotors shack, round the corner to see everyone struggling.  They run over and hold fast as the mill slowly comes to a controllable state.  When they fully regain control, they pull it back and the mill rises to its position. The tension on the rope fades, and so do everyone else.  Sonic lays on the ground exhausted with everyone sitting or slouching from the strain.  Bunnie, standing first, says...

Bunnie: "Well, y'all sure know how to cause 'little chaos round here don't yuh?"

She smiles brightly as she has everyone's attention. Rotor looks up at her and says...

Rotor: "Thanks for the save guys, me and Sonic would never of been able to get that back up."

Sonic: "What went wrong?"

Rotor: "You might have been going too fast for the rope to handle."

Zaku stands next and offers his hand to the struggling Lupe who was just regaining her sense of balance.  She looks up and sees his hand and blushes as she excepts his offer.  She stands and then wipes herself down.

Lupe: "Ahem... thank you Zaku."

Zaku: "You're welcome."

Zaku offers his hand to Rotor next, and then to Sonic.  Sonic stares at Zaku's hand for a few moments and then takes the offer and stands up.  

Sonic: "Thanks for the help guys, we would have been in some mondo trouble had you not shown up."

Zaku: "No kidding, just glad we could help."

A couple hours pass and everyone's hard work is starting to show. In over what seems a years time, Knothole hasn't looked so beautiful, clean, and organized. Sally and Sonic look out at the beauty of their home and smile at the thought of what was going to happen in only a days time. Sally looks to her right to look at Sonic, he see's her do so in the corner of his left eye and turns his head slightly so he can look at her. She blushes slightly, and scoots closer to him and lays her head on his shoulder. He lays his head on hers and Sally says...

Sally: "Thank you Sonic."

He looks down, and then back at knothole and says...

Sonic: "Anything for you, Sally."

The day was almost over as everyone starts getting ready for bed to rest up for the long journey ahead. Sally lets go of Sonic and turns to face him as he does to her. She looks up at him and kisses him. He holds onto her and kisses back. She let's go and says...

Sally: "Goodnight, Sonic."

Sonic: "Goodnight, Sally."

Sally turns away and starts walking to her hut, Sonic turns as well, but watches her as he does so. She turns to look at him again and smiles warmly before looking away for the rest of the night. He turns and continues to his hut where he see's Zaku and Lupe approaching. He steps behind the cover of a bush and tree. Looking at them he overhears and see's everything they do.

Zaku: "Well, that was fun, and I guess it's time for us to go our separate ways and go to bed for tomorrow?"

Lupe: "Yep, unfortunately."

Lupe and Zaku stop in front of Sonic's hut.

Zaku: "Well, this is rather rude of me, normally I'm supposed to walk you to your house."

Lupe laughs and smiles with a small blush. Zaku scratches his head and smiles brightly. They stand for a little as Zaku tries to figure out how to say goodbye. He motions for a hug as Lupe awkwardly tries as well, but he see's how red she is in the face, so he stops and instead grabs her hand gradually.

Zaku: "Well, goodnight Lupe. Sleep well."

He pulls her hand up to his mouth and kisses it gently. Lupe's eyes widen and her heart raises as her face grows red in embarrassment. Zaku looks up at the starstruck Lupe and smiles. She smiles back and gives him a quick hug. He blushes at first but wraps his around her and hugs back. They let go and they wave goodbye one last time as Lupe starts to walk away. Zaku turns to enter the hut and Sonic smiles brightly. He quietly says...

Sonic: "Way to go, Zaku!"

Sonic starts to head back the the hut and opens the door up to see Zaku happily getting a glass of water.

Zaku: "Oh, Sonic, what's up?"

Sonic: "I was gonna ask you the same question."

Sonic smiles.

Zaku: "What do you mean?"

Sonic narrows his eyes and starts heading to his bed.

Sonic: "Oh, nothing, let's get to bed and get ready for tomorrow."

Zaku watches him carefully as well as nervously as if suspecting him of something, but he finishes his drink never the less, and heads to bed. The lights go off and Sonic says.

Sonic: "Night, Zaku."

Zaku: "Night, Sonic."

The next day comes fast as everyone dreams of the day at the beach. An alarm goes off in Sonic's Room as it scares Zaku off of his couch. He hits the ground and stands in an alert position as he looks at a totally KO'd Sonic. He lowers his awareness and squints his eyes at Sonic. He walks over to the clock, grabs it, shutting the alarm off, then throws it softly at Sonic's head, waking him up instantly.

Sonic: "Oww! That Hurt!!! What was that for!?"

Zaku: "For setting an alarm for the morning without warning me, and also, why are you complaining, you got a thick skull anyway."

Sonic and Zaku look at each other, then burst into laughter.

Sonic: "Well, now that we're both up, I think we should check and see how the others are doing, everyone should be getting up now, or at least in a little."

Zaku nods in agreement and follows Sonic outside while they both stretch on their way to the door. Sonic opens the door to see that everyone is already outside, and by the looks of it were waiting on Sonic. Zaku looks at Sonic nervously.

Zaku: "What time is it?"

Sonic: "9:00am"

Zaku: "When were we supposed to be ready and leaving?"

Sonic: "Hmm... ready at 8:30... Leaving now."

Zaku: "Then why are we only just getting up!?"

Sonic: "I put the clock on snooze."

Zaku stands silent for a few seconds. Lupe walks up with Sally.

Lupe: "What took you so long!?"

Sally: "Sonic I expected it from, but you Zaku?"

Zaku: "We get up at the same time usually, I thought he got us up on time."

Lupe: "Well, he didn't."

Sally: "Nope."

They all look at Sonic for his response.

Sonic: "Well, were up and ready now, so all were doing now is stalling some more, so let's go!"

Sonic smiles runs inside, grabs his bag, and Zaku's, and stands outside ready to go. Sally rolls her eyes and lowers her head a little but turns around to see the crowd in order to address them.

Sally: "Okay everyone, it's time for us to start heading out, I hope you only brought what you yourself can carry, but if now, Bunnie is bringing a travel drone cart, you can throw what you cant carry on that. This is going to be a half day hike, so be sure to have plenty of water on you to hydrate."

The crowd looks around as most check to make sure they have water while others start making their way to Bunnie's car to throw what they can't carry on it. Sonic steps forward and positions himself next to Sally.

Sonic: "Now if everyone is ready, we'll be leading you through the forest long front, which most who've been there no it to be a very long and dense part of the forest to cross, but as long as everyone sticks together and makes sure to watch out for the people around
you, we'll make it through in an hour or so, then its an easy grass meadow walk to the beach. So, who's ready!?"

The crowd cheers in excitement as Sonic puts his arm out to Sally so she can grab onto it. They lead off as Lupe and Zaku follow with the crowd behind them. Only an hour into their journey they reach the near end of the Forest. As they come through, Sonic and Zaku help guide Bunnie through as she drives the Cart. Once through Sonic runs with Sally through the fields and purposefully falls into the greens and browns as she follows laughing out loudly, shortly after Tails and Amy join them. A couple hours later and the oceans aroma and sound fill the senses of the freedom fighters. Sonic smiles, picks up Sally, and runs her to the top of the hill to reveal the ocean. They look out at the beautiful sea while all the others follow behind.

Sally: "It's even more beautiful than I remember..."

Sonic: "Yeah, way past cool."

Bunnie, Lupe, then Zaku arrive at the hill top while Antoine starts to follow behind.

Bunnie: "Oh my stars! Ain't it just the prettiest thing you ever did see!?"

Lupe: "Yes Bunnie, I love the ocean! What do you think Zaku?"

Zaku stands awestruck at first while everyone stares at him to see his reaction. Then he smiles and says happily...

Zaku: "It's so beautiful!"

Lupe smiles happily and hugs him excitedly as she yells out...

Lupe: "I told you you'd like it!"

Sonic laughs as he puts Sally down and then he says...

Sonic: "Last one down's a rotten egg!"

He zooms down as everyone follows. In a matter of minutes, everyone started setting up for the games and activities they'd partake in, one of the first set up was volleyball, which just so happened to be Lupe's favorite game. Everyone starts getting into their swimsuits as Sonic wheres red trunks and Zaku wheres black ones. Antoine comes out with orange and black trunks.
They all stand near each other waiting for the girls to hurry up so they can play volleyball. The girls come around the corner and the boys pay great attention to them. Lupe wheres a purple two piece rap, while Sally wheres a one piece bathing suit, backless and blue. While Bunnie wheres a pink tube top and pink bikini bottom. All of the boy's mouths drop as they aren't used to seeing them dress this way. Sonic shakes it off quickly, while Zaku follows, then Antoine.

Sally: "So, you boys ready to lose?"

Sonic: "Hah! I never lose!"

Lupe: "We'll see about that!"

The girls group high five and then head to the court with the boys following behind. Sonic, Zaku, and Antoine are on one side, while Bunnie, Sally, and Lupe were on the other.

Sonic: "So, I guess it's boys vs. girls?"

Lupe: "You better believe it is!"

Sally laughs and then serves the ball. Zaku responds to it and hits it back without knowing exactly how to play. The ball is out of play so Bunnie lets it go out.

Bunnie: "Now, sugar, I know this is your first time playin', so for future reference, make sure that you keep the ball from landin' outside of the square on our side, as'well as inside yours, you want to either let it hit outside of your side or inside of our side."

Zaku stands slightly confused but understands it and says...

Zaku: "O-okay."

Bunnie: "Alright sugar, here comes my serve!"

Bunnie rockets the ball up as it heads for Sonic. Sonic smiles happily as he knows it's his.

Sonic: "Alright! Here I go!"

He jumps into the air and turns into a ball as he collides with it in order to spike it in Sally's direction.

Sally: "Oh no you don't Sonic Hedgehog!"

Sally dives and bounces the ball up as Bunnie jumps into the air and readies her robotic arm for a counter spike. Sonic and Zaku instantly get in position to respond as Antoine daydreams. Bunnie hits the ball so hard it spins in a disc shape towards Antoine, it hits his head and he gets drilled into the ground as the ball flies upward.

Zaku: "Way to go Antoine!"

Sonic: "That's using your head Ant!

Sonic jumps toward Zaku, Zaku readies himself by putting his hands together as Sonic's foot lands in them, then, Zaku throws him up as he catch's up with the ball, only to pile drive it down. Sally and Bunnie back off of it nervously as it comes down bullet fast. Suddenly, Lupe jumps in the way and blocks it with her hand and demands Sally to serve it to her again. Sally responds by putting it into position for Lupe to Spike it. Lupe jumps and does a few front flips to get her speed up as she hits it with the bottom of both of her fists. It bullets too fast for Sonic or Zaku to respond as it hits the ground and covers Antoine with sand.

Lupe: "YES!!!"

The girls start cheering as they defeat the boys. After a few more ours of play, the sun starts to head down and everyone gathers for a conference Sonic had set up as he invites Sally up to his side.

Sonic: "As you all know now, the reason we are here is to celebrate someone very special to us as she has turned 17. Let's give her a big round of applause!"

The crowd begins to cheer and whistle.

Sonic: "And with that said, I'd like to say something for everyone to hear."

Everyone pays attention to Sonic as he turns to face her.

Sonic: "I made the suggestion of the beach because I knew that you loved it and missed the beauties of the water and sand. And I just want you to know why I went to such lengths to make you happy like this. Everyone here love's you Princess Sally Acorn, and we all love to see your face light up. You are very special to me and I'd do this for you as long as I possibly can! Happy Birthday Sally!"

Sonic starts to sing happy birthday to sally as everyone else joins in while Bunnie and Zaku walk up to her with a cake with 17 candles on it. Sally grabs her face in shock and blushes extremely red. Once the song was over she blows the candles out and Sonic says...

Sonic: "So, what was your wish?"

Sally looks at him and says...

Sally: "Ahh ah ah! It's bad luck to tell."

Sonic: "Oh come on Sall, I won't say anything."

Sally: "How about I show you?"

Sonic: "S-sure I guess..."

She leans in and kisses him in front of everyone. The crowd cheers as sonic grabs a hold of Sally and continues to kiss her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To Be Continued in Part 10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
At long last, the continuation of the Sonic Fanfic I started over a year ago returns, stronger than ever, I have recently finished Part-10 and 11, finishing 12 as we speak, the series is going to end by part 14 or 15. But do not fret, this is only the beginning, believe me when I say their is plenty more story. Their will be a continuation of the story shorty after its completion called "Sonic Creed: Destiny"

For those who have followed me all the way, thank you for your support and constant bantering to finish what I started, and I can assure you, I will complete it! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or note me for more sneak preview hints to the series!

And don't forget to view my webpage! PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!
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